Premiere: Crazy Beautiful Blackout – [Darci]

Today, its my pleasure to bring to our pages a really fresh sound that took me by surprise. It’s Thursday, which means their are many releases that are taking place throughout the streaming world to kick off the weekend. One release that I’m extremely fond of is an EP that just dropped from the artist who goes by the name of Darci. Whether or not you’re familiar with the name, today is your lucky day.

The brand new EP entitled, “Crazy Beautiful Blackout” is a 7 track project that has a lot of different sound infusions that make for an unforgettable sonic experience. What I’m so impressed by is the immense versatility that is present through every track. It’s pretty hard to figure out if this belongs in the r&b, hip-hop, pop, or rock genre; and thats just because Darci has somehow found a way to perfectly incorporate each and every one of those into his style of artistry; A feat that is impressive in itself. 

What makes this project even cooler is that it features some pretty dope artists that perfectly add their own flare and flavor to these well rounded tracks. With appearances from Nessly, Jutes, up and coming producer OZZIE, and co-production from Diamond Pistols; who produced for the likes of Joji, Blackbear, Rich Brian, Lil Pump, and more…This is most definitely a project that you will not want to miss! 

I’ve attached the spotify link down below, so give this project a listen and let us know what you think!