emawk has been a Lyrical Lemonade regular for some time now. At this point, his music truly speaks for itself and explains why he’s such a sought after talent in this industry right now. If you’re familiar with emawk, you’d know that one of his most popular songs is a track entitled “18”. On Spotify, it’s one of his most streamed pieces to date; For good reason too.

Today, the talented artist brings us back to this amazing art form with the release of the official music video for “18”. Already in its first couple hours of being out, the video has received great reviews. It was premiered by Apple Music this morning which is just a testament to how many people are enjoying emawk’s music. This visual is truly a special one. When you listen emawk, you can tell that there is an immense amount of care that is being put into every note, melody and sound that is presented. His meticulous nature allows him to convey to his listeners every point of view that he sees. When it comes to this music video, the same feeling is felt. It plays like a movie but not so much to where it would overshadow the music. This is a visual that you’ll want to replay over and over again.

I’ve attached to link down below to the brand new “18” music video. It’s a special one do definitely check it out!