Past Life-[XINCLAIR]

XINCLAIR is an artist that I’m really grateful to have been introduced to. Just a week ago, the well-know hitmaker dropped a song called “Past Life” that is worth your ear on this Fourth of July weekend. The three minute and four second song doesn’t let up from the moment you turn it on. Produced by Haze and Ryan Bevolo, “Past Life” is going to be on repeat for a really long time. I just really don’t see myself getting sick of it. XINCLAIR’s vocal talents and downright style is felt through every bar and verse. This is a golden track and I know ya’ll will think so too. I was able to grab a quote from the up and comer about the song and he explained that,

“The song came together when I was stuck in writer’s block. I was pretty new (and still am) to making more melodic singing tracks. I wanted to start experimenting with the sound as I listen to the style a lot. The producer of the song Haze sent me a pack of beats and I started freestyling over them until one of them stuck. I got the chorus for the song almost instantly and the verses just flowed out after. The song’s story / message focuses on an on and off again relationship I was in, and the emotional struggles that come with being in that situation. Having a part of you wanting to hold on to it. While the other side knows it’s better to leave it in your “Past Life””

XINCLAIR has an undeniable gift. I’m a huge fan of what he’s got going on with this music stuff. I’ve attached “Past Life” down below, so give it a listen and let us know what you think!