Lee Mcintosh
Lee Mcintosh
27 Mar 2020

It has been almost four years since the last full-length release from the ever-so-talented Canadian songster, PARTYNEXTDOOR. Although it’s been so long, he never seemed to fade from still getting his recognition and his credit fro his contributions to the game. Since his P3 album debuted in 2016, he released two EPs, titled Colours 2 and Seven Days. On top of that, he has obtained quite a few spectacular writing credits with artists such as Post Malone, Beyonce and Jay-Z, and his label mate and frequent collaborator, Drake. His previous releases is what drew a majority of his fan base in, but the light that shun upon him after word got out that he wrote the song “Work” for Rihanna was like no other. People finally began to realize that his pen and his ear for overall song creation was one to respect. After releasing the two lead singles back in November of last year, fans became eager for more music and knew that an album was in the works. After being pushed back twice, the alleged Club Atlantis project that fans were waiting on, would become the album that we are finally able to soak in, PARTYMOBILE.

As cliche as the saying “you cant rush greatness” sounds, it fits perfectly here and it can be heard in the music. The two lead singles “Loyal” and “The News” being released almost four months ago are sequenced perfectly in the albums track list. Coming in at a perfect 15 tracks long, and just under an hour of music, it’s a very enjoyable listen the entire way through. Sequencing is something that I speak of very frequently, as it is one of the more important aspects of an album that not many people pay as much attention to. The music you open your album with can set the tone for the duration of the project, and can very much so be the deciding factor of if people keep listening or not. The opening track screams nostalgia for anybody who has been fans of Party since the release of his debut project PARTYNEXTDOOR back in 2013. The instrumentation here on this song is reminiscent to his usual lo-fi synths and simple drums and snares that fans have known him to utilize. Speaking of production, Party has strayed away from fully producing his own project and has reached out to a handful of very notable producers. Those being Oz, Cardiak, OG Parker, and frequent collaborator and Canada-native Murda Beatz. The album is also engineered by the super-talented Noah “40” Shebib.

The overall vibe of the album fits perfectly into the climate today. If we are being honest, this new wave of lo-fi, emo R&B was first publicized by Party. If not created by him, a case can be made to prove that he was an early advocate and contributor tot he sound of R&B today. As well as the lo-fi style, there are a handful of afro-beat/Caribbean vibes on the album as well. While we are all social distancing right now, this album would fit perfectly as a summer party or while out on vacation. This is where I give him credit for his ear for music and perfect timing. The pushbacks of the album makes much more sense now, and while fans thought he was late for delivering the “Loyal” single with Drake back in November, he was actually right on time-and made a great decision to include this on the album. That single can easily carry into the summer of 2020 and be an early vote for song of the summer. On top of the vibes he created on this project, Party is the only person to secure a Rihanna feature since 2017. While fans are early awaiting her next project, it was very refreshing to hear her on this album on “Believe It”-which is a groove to say the least.

PARTYNEXTDOOR proves that taking your time with your craft, while can be of an annoyance to fans, is crucial if you want to have longevity and deliver at the highest caliber in ones artistry. PARTYMOBILE is and was well worth the wait, and can go down in the books as one of the better R&B projects that we have received this year so far.

Stream the latest release from PARTYNEXTDOOR below!