Paradise – [Ausar]

I have been covering Ausar’s music on Lyrical Lemonade since 2015, he has been getting better + better throughout the years, and at this moment in time, he is without a doubt one of the most promising rappers that Chicago has to offer. A few days back, Ausar released a new record called “Paradise” with some assistance from Thelonious Martin, and it’s one of the best songs I’ve heard so far this month. First and foremost, this instrumental from Thelo is so ridiculously good that it doesn’t even make sense, and when you give someone as skilled as Ausar this type of beat to work with, it’s over for. I am so proud of Ausar + how far he has come as a musician, I know he still has a far way to go to where he wants to get, but man we have to give him his flowers while we can. Also, shout out to Thelonious Martin for consistently helping rising artists from Chicago craft their sound, he’s a wildly successful producer who works with plenty of iconic artists, but he always makes sure to lend a helping hand to the young Chicago artists, it’s appreciated + never goes unnoticed! Listen to this amazing new song from Ausar + Thelo below!