Paper Route–[NilexNile ft. Huey V]

Whenever I feel the need to get rid of ruminating thoughts of, “I don’t know what to do with my life,” out of my head, I turn to music. As cliché as it sounds, listening to music distracts me from this habit of overthinking and provides an escape from my mind. Despite studies that show listening to music is distracting, it’s never diminished my concentration to focus on the good.

Reflecting on my recent conversation with NilexNile about his latest single “Paper Route” feat. Huey V, he reminds me of the importance of having patience and trust in yourself. At 25 years old, he’s found his craft (which is probably the most important quest in your life.) As an up-and-coming hip-hop artist, his dreams of being a positive change in music have come to fruition. Having just released “Paper Route” last Friday, the song made its way on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, one of the top radio stations in the city.

“It’s been received really well, I got a lot of people hitting me up telling me they like the song… and a lot of people are starting to believe now that I’m actually becoming an artist that I always was meant to be,” NilexNile says. Initially, I thought the song was about a paper route he had as a young boy but its meaning is a bit deeper than that. He wrote the song based on his perspective as a Black man in Milwaukee; a means of providing a window into social perspectives that you don’t get by reading or watching the news, and even issues of violence against women and children. “I want to speak on that topic specifically…and also escapism, trying to get away from my environment,” NilexNile says. “But on a positive note, we distract ourselves with the idea of wanting more. That’s what Paper Route represented for me.”

After speaking with NilexNile about the song, I gained more of an appreciation for his lyricism because it’s raw; it’s not all about rainbows and sunshine. There’s beauty and sadness to what he talks about and I think that’s what makes the song genuine.

Leaning into his music, NilexNile has learned to capitalize on his performances. Being a skilled performer has allowed him to get paid and even sign several contracts. “It’s not a crazy amount of money, but I think it’s really dope to see the dream and life kind of manifest themselves and become a reality,” NilexNile says. Beyond Milwaukee, he’s expanded his fanbase to the “Windy City.” Having performed in Chicago about five times this year, he says he loves the city’s acceptance. “Once they realize that you’re open to leaving it all on the stage, they accept you,” he says. “Chicago has definitely supported me and I’ve been loving the energy and the people and relationships I’ve been building up there.”

So, as NilexNile sticks to his paper route, what does yours follow? Is it the pursuit of happiness, money, freedom? I suggest you check out the music video to help you think. Enjoy.