Our Latest Compilation – [Closed Sessions]

Closed Sessions is an independent hip-hop label who have been doing their thing in the Chicago community for a decade-plus, they have helped advance the careers of plenty of the city’s gems and currently have a stacked roster, but today they are finding themselves on our site as a collective with their recent album release simply titled Our Latest Compilation. The good people over at CS have always heard a good ear for talent, so on this project, they recruited some skilled artists such as Khary, Open Mike Eagle, Dave B, Kipp Stone, Kemba, and the Chicago legend ShowYouSuck. However, they didn’t forget to display what talent they have in their own building, as Ajani Jones & Mother Nature got some bars off + this tape was entirely produced by the goat BoatHouse. If there is one thing that the folks over at Closed Sessions can do flawlessly, it’s piece together a project, I highly suggest that you give this one a spin. Smash that play button below!

1. “Whiskey & Push-Ups” feat Open Mike Eagle
2. “Hundred Dollar Bills” feat Dave B.
3. “In Case I Don’t” feat Khary
4. “What It Do, What It Be Like” feat Curtis Roach and Ajani Jones
5. “Lord Knows” feat Kemba
6. “Naughty by Nature” feat Mother Nature
7. “Consistent” feat Kipp Stone
8. “Unpack Something” feat “ShowYouSuck
*All Tracks produced by BoatHouse