LL intern
LL intern
25 Mar 2020

Out of all the music being released in Atlanta, one of the best groups that deserve way more recognition than they receive is undoubtedly Larry League. The trio made up of SenseiATL, Larry, and Randy make hits nonstop and have been doing so for years. Although they have the backing of their city as well as friendships with some of the biggest artists in the A, they seem to stay lowkey and don’t mind the underground label that they’ll seem to inevitably possess. Their sound is unlike anything coming out of the notorious city, and each member of the group brings a different skill to the table in order to build songs unlike any other artist in Atlanta.

Although “OOPS” dropped all the way back in 2016, the crew has had a visual locked away in the vault for some time now and it finally got the chance to see the light of day. As a refresher, the production is built with elevating synths, an uplifting melody, and uncharacteristic percussive elements. Larry takes care of the hook, killing a melodic flow full of robotic autotune with honestly less impressive lyricism than normal, but that comes later in the track so it’s not something to dwell on. Sensei takes care of the first verse, displaying his always intricate puns and unique delivery at a slower pace than he normally delivers. Larry goes from melodic to firm in the following verse, displaying some additionally impressive wordplay as well as layered vocals for certain lines to stress the messages he’s speaking. Randy finishes out the song with a cadence that almost sounds as if he’s yelling to an extent, but not in a rude manner whatsoever. His lyrics have multiple meanings and they consistently rhyme as he doesn’t seem to take too much time to catch his breath in between his constant bars.

The long-awaited visual begins with a dual-screen, showing the crew walking down the block and introducing the song. Throughout the entirety of the video, a grainy and almost retro-reminiscent filter covers the screen. The trio can be found in a variety of different spots including a basement where they’re dancing and drinking Hennessy, in front of a brick wall containing an abundance of graffiti, and even near a waterfall at night, among other settings. My favorite scene of all is at a concert of theirs, and it’s especially appealing because you get to see their interactions with fans first-hand as they dance along and rage with the group. The effects are unpretentious but keep the visual clean with some blurry transitions and lagging shots strewn about.

It’s clear that the group is living their best life, enjoying the perks of their hard work and continuing to put out some of the most impressive and unique music in Atlanta’s underground Rap scene. They just released a very extensive mixtape called Larry Leaks that was beyond impressive, boasting features from big-name artists like Lil Yachty, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, and BigBabyScumbag among many others, so that’s something that should be added to your list immediately if you haven’t already been listening to it nonstop. Beyond that, I think it’s safe to say that the Larry’s are going to keep doing things the way they want to and not concern themselves with the opinions of anyone else, which is the way they’ve been doing things since their start. The visual for “OOPS” breathes new life into the classic song from Larry League, so be sure to check it out as soon as you get the chance.

Words by Danny Adams