Onna Come Up (Remix) – [Lil Eazzyy] ft. [G Herbo]

Whenever an artist releases a singular song that literally hoists them into the spotlight and skyrockets their career, it’s most likely a track that is played all over the radio all around the country. While admittedly I haven’t listened to the radio in quite some time, I can only assume that Lil Eazzyy’s break out song “Onna Come Up” has been on repeat because that’s how it is for me even on the aux cord in my car.

There’s just something about this song that is aggressive, inspiring, hard-hitting, hopeful and motivating all at the same time, and while it might have overtones of Chicago Drill sounds, Eazzyy makes sure to differentiate himself from many of the Chicago legends that originated this style of music. In fact, it’s evident that he’s not nearly a singular artist when listening to his unbelievable EP Underrated, which landed at #8 on our top 50 Chicago projects of 2020 list and could have even arguably been higher up depending on who you ask.

While Eazzyy has drawn comparisons to Chicago artists like Polo G and G Herbo, he has clearly made a beyond sturdy case as to why he is a completely different kind of artist, and even though he has mentioned in the past that being compared to them is an honor, he is on a mission to blaze a trail of his own in the Chicago music scene. Although it might be months after “Onna Come Up” initially went viral, I was beyond excited to see that one of the aforementioned legends decided to hop on the remix, and we finally get to hear G Herbo and Eazzyy on a track together.

When heading into remixes, I always hope that the actual artist adds a new verse or some different spin on the original version, but Eazzyy decided to leave things as is. I’ve mentioned it before, and although I might enjoy a change, I don’t blame an artist for leaving things the way they are due to the fact that the original version is what put them on the map, so there’s really no reason to change a perfect recipe. After the original song runs its course, though, G Herbo comes in and absolutely attacks the instrumental, ruthlessly firing off words that come with as much assault as they do conviction and confidence. While this is obviously nothing new for Herbo, it almost brought me back to his days as Lil Herb when he was just openly spewing tales from the streets, flexes, and unapologetically shouting threats at the opposition, even if they were from just a couple of blocks over.

While 2020 might’ve been Eazzyy’s breakout year, I can only expect 2021 to continue to build within his still budding career. Obviously, when you not only get the attention of some of your influences but also get them to hop on your biggest song to date, you’ve got to be doing something right, so I don’t believe that he is going to slow down even a smidge anytime soon. As for G Herbo’s latest addition, I feel confident saying that this is one of my favorite verses from him in recent memory just because of the nostalgic vibes I get from the merciless lines he spits, but see for yourself when you listen to the brand-new remix of Lil Eazzyy’s breakout song “Onna Come Up”.