The art of collaboration is one of music’s most exciting elements. Whether it be two alike talents coming together for creativity’s sake or two entirely different artists coming together for any plethora of reasons, there’s always something to be gained from genuine collaboration, especially when the work stretches listeners’ ears in the process. Today, in a perfect display of such, Sonder producer atu is here to join forces with Chicago legend Lucki for a brand new loosie, “On One Hand.”

Fueled by impassioned, slightly off-kilter melodies, “On One Hand” matches the sleek soul of atu’s production with Lucki’s brutally honest storytelling and mesmeric, muddied vocals. Speaking on demons, romance, and the ever-relevant temptations of money, Chicago’s own graces each note with a paranoid sense of emotion, and the result is a song that pushes Lucki’s sound down an R&B-induced road that fans really haven’t heard him explore in past releases.

In usual Lucki fashion, however, the underground legend still makes sure to impress, leaving his lasting mark on such impeccable production from atu. Needless to say, while this collaboration may come as slightly unexpected, fans couldn’t have asked for a better pairing of unique sounds. Lucki and atu are the duo that we didn’t know we needed, so be sure to show them some love.

Stream “On One Hand” below!