Old News – [Bbyterra]

Much of hip-hop is in a melodic place. Often sitting in between “rapping” and singing, certain pockets of the sound are beginning to transform, blurring the constraints of genre in the process. Seeing these sonic mutations has been fascinating throughout the past few years, and especially now, it’s refreshing to see new artists begin to innovate and build on it in their own way. Today, offering a refreshing sense of style himself, I’m here to revisit a track called “Old News” from Arizona artist Bbyterra, who was sent to me by another incredible artist, contradash.

Having had this song on repeat over the past few days, I wanted to revisit this song mainly because of the individualistic touch that Bbyterra provides. From the cover art all the way to the float of the cadences, Terra offers up a vision uniquely his own, and the melancholy, atmospheric production sets the perfect foundation for such. Each lyric seems to linger on the tail of the last, while the constant swing of the production streamlines the hypnotic deliveries at hand.

Clearly, Bbyterra is operating in his own lane, and the melodic flavor of “Old News” can attest, even if the song is already a few months old. Stream the track below!