off_yew – [whiterosemoxie]

Although this isn’t the case for everyone, there are certain emcees in this industry that when they’ve been relatively quiet, you know something big is coming. I mean, everyone seems to have their own cadence as far as releasing things goes, so whether they release something new every day, every week, or every few months, you know when to expect a fresh drop. As I grow used to these behaviors, though, I notice when they begin to stray away from what is usual, and considering Detroit’s whiterosemoxie seems to be relatively quiet over the past few months, I can only hope that this means he is about to drop something epic.

I’ve made my stance on the Michigan music scene as clear as day quite a few times at this point, and while it is one of my favorite hip-hop destinations in the current climate, moxie is undeniably one of my all-time favorite emcees out right now, so I have to speculate, otherwise I just wouldn’t be being honest. He has dropped a slew of hits exclusively on his SoundCloud page over the past few months, and while I’m not sure what these are leading up to, I do know that moxie is one of the most intelligent and strategic artists out, so I have to envision that he’s plotting something exciting.

His latest SoundCloud restricted drop is called “off_yew”, and with atmospheric, mind-bending production courtesy of hijaycribbs, it’s hard to wish for anything more impeccable than this record. He is just in another world, rapping nimble bars that appear to be lines he could pull off in his sleep even if others would struggle with them while wide awake, and the spectrum of notes he always hits on every song he drops is nothing less than immaculate.

You simply never know where his next line is going to lead, so whether he’s rapping, singing, or mashing the two styles together into a singular individualistic expression, he does so with poise and charm. I promise you I’m not just spewing out admiration for whiterosemoxie because he backs up his talents every single time he puts out a new song, so even though I have no idea what is next for him, I am eagerly waiting on the edge of my seat to see what insane impact he is going to make yet again in the near future.