Even though I spend most of my waking hours listening to music, I’m liable to show up late to an artist here and there. I came across Ama Lou a few months ago and was kicking myself because her project was released in 2018 so, as excited as I was, I couldn’t share it.

Good things come to those who wait because, her latest, “NORTHSIDE,” is not only her most convincing offering to date, but comes equipped with production from hit-makers Frank Dukes and Murda Beats. Dedicated to her home town of North London, this one has the flavor of some home cooking, with Ama Lou sounding free and confident in her smooth delivery. The accompanying set of visuals has a no-frills feel that put Lou and her crew (including A$AP Nast and Taco) center-stage, to accentuate the natural energy of the song.

No word on the larger picture from Ama Lou just yet, but if it’s anything like “NORTHSIDE” we should be in for something great.