Throughout the last year or so, Massachusetts artist YOUNGFACE has periodically graced our pages with new music, each time coming through with a style entirely different from his previous release. As a result, YOUNGFACE’s growing fanbase has become accustomed to hearing new sounds, so much so that the budding talent has entirely stepped past one of the central struggles that artists deal with today — that of being pigeonholed.

In the age of virality, when an artist makes their break with a random single, few are actually able to turn this moment into sustainable careers, the main reason being that they’re often afraid to take a risk and lose the attention. YOUNGFACE, on the other hand, has operated the entirety of his career so far by taking risks, and considering the solid catalog of music that he’s built, these risks are certainly beginning to pay dividends. Today, YOUNGFACE is back and better than ever with his latest switch-up, “No Harmonies.”

In past releases, we’ve certainly heard flashes of YOUNGFACE’s vocal talents, but never before have we heard such a fervent example of the emotional range in which he can execute these vocals. From pure intensity to smooth, melodic runs, “No Harmonies” pretty much covers every feeling on the board, crafting a notably volatile song in the process. Only adding to the magic here, the guitar-backed instrumentation lays the groundwork for such a passionate set of deliveries, and the cherry on top is the masterful songwriting, reminding listeners why YOUNGFACE has become such a buzzing name in the first place.

That said, “No Harmonies” checks off just about every box imaginable, so don’t sleep on this one. Show some love to one of my favorite artists out right now by streaming the new song below!

Produced by Kurt Stewart