Never Left – [Lil Tecca]

When thinking of the new generation of music filled with new faces and names constantly popping up left and right, Lil Tecca has seemed to stand the test of time. Obviously, it has only been a couple of years since he took the music scene by storm and at such a young age, I don’t know if anyone truly expected him to be able to keep up with the massive amounts of hype he first created for himself, but it’s clear that he hasn’t even had a second thought about any sort of pressure, and he continues to fill the gigantic footsteps he has in place for himself.

As we gear up for the release of his highly anticipated second mixtape, We Love You Tecca, he has been working with the hitmakers over at Internet Money and dropping a couple of singles to garner even more excitement around the project, so expectations couldn’t be any higher. Most recently, he dropped his song “Never Left” which is an absolute banger in every sense of the word, and he kept the momentum going by teaming up with Declan Kyle to shoot an unbelievable music video for this hit.

Utilizing a purple hue throughout the majority of the scenes in this miniature movie, it opens up with Tecca standing in the middle of the street with two wires which he connects together, ultimately sending sparks into the air and starting an entirely new electric current that displays his name and the song’s title in bright purple letters. From here, there are multiple different scenes with Tecca either trying on different clothes, dancing in front of an old school hotrod and just vibing out in different, purple-filled settings. All in all, though, my favorite scenes come when he’s the size of Godzilla standing in the middle of a city, but instead of causing havoc and destroying buildings, he just dances around and recites his bars like the chill, laidback artist he is at his core.

Even though it has been a bit of time since Tecca released a full-length project, he has somehow remained in the focus of so many fans’ eyes, and despite the fact that attention spans are shortened in this new age of internet music and streaming, Tecca’s music seems timeless to me and it almost ages even better as time goes on. At the end of the day, I Love You Tecca couldn’t come soon enough, but fans already know it’ll be an instant classic, so while we wait, make sure you check out his latest music video for his brand-new single “Never Left”.