Neck & Wrist – [Pusha T] ft. [JAY-Z] & [Pharrell Williams]

I believe the last time I wrote about Pusha T, it was a week or two ago when the music video for “Hear Me Clearly” off of Nigo’s album came out and considering those are two bonified legends, I believe I said something to the effect of how when superstars get together, they can’t be stopped, and the results are always out of this world.

Well, I still stand by this statement, and I might even have to reinforce it once again because with a brand-new song called “Neck & Wrist” hitting streaming platforms yesterday, this rings true even more than ever. That’s because this song not only features JAY-Z and Pharrell who are two individuals who need absolutely no introduction, but Pharrell even produced this record, bringing even more of his inimitable influence to the party.

In this one, the beat is mysterious, poignant, and light yet it has this deep, lingering sensation that just keeps looping in my head over and over. King Push kicks things off with a slightly tamer flow than normal, but this only lasts for a few bars before he resorts back to his aggressive, unapologetic ways prior to Pharrell jumping in on the hook where his vocals echo off into the distance as he chants the same phrase as if he’s leading some sort of artistic cult.

When HOV comes in, he proves why he’s one of the best to ever touch a mic, because even though he never really changes his tone of voice, he just delivers his words with such grace and elegance, bringing us into his world of artistry as wonderfully as ever. Now, I’m not sure if this song is going to lead to any other releases or a potential project, but I can only hope that it’s not the last we hear from Pusha T in the near future, but either way, “Neck & Wrist” is definitely not something you want to miss out on whatsoever.