Naples – [Brevin Kim]

Brevin Kim never ceases to impress the team at Lyrical Lemonade, which is why we’ll always take the time to roll out the red carpet for these two brothers who are absolutely crushing it right now. The Massachusetts natives have been on the scene since 2015, but it truly feels like they’re just getting started as their music is beaming with an energy that is nothing less than exciting.

Today, the boys make a return to our pages for the release of their brand new song called, “Naples”, a short yet satisfying offering that is bound to be on repeat for you all weekend. Brevin Kim’s trademark production and eclectic style shine through this track in a way that will make you come back for more and more. From start to finish, this one will grab you and take you on a ride that doesn’t let up until its culmination.

If I listed off everything I loved about Brevin Kim, we’d be here all day, but this song is truly an introspective piece that will give you a better look at what makes this talented duo so special.

I’ve attached the song down below, so make sure you give this one your full attention on this amazing Friday afternoon!