my insides – [Restless Modern]

The “scary sky” EP is a project that explores the different faces of who I am in the context of my relationship.  This is something that has both evolved over time and that mutates based on the circumstances. The artwork for this EP follows the template of the singles’ artworks (“in summation,” “scary sky,” and “shrunk in my head”) but moves a step further. I took the physical film versions of the composited image (made up of 25 separate photos) and placed them face-down on top of a large piece of clear plexiglass.  I then laid down on the grass underneath the plexiglass and took a picture of the photos with the night sky in the background” – Restless Modern

Restless Modern returns to Lyrical Lemonade with an epic song off his brand new scary sky EP titled “my insides.” Self-producing the record like always, the booming bass creates a spine-chilling match for Modern’s soft, yet high-pitched vocals. The hook in particular is quite impressive, as RM effortlessly fluctuates intensity to showcase the raw emotions felt at a particular time. Fascinatingly the lyrics are full of romance, but the tragic words sung make the track a unique nightmare amid an intended love trip. In the most fascinating way, Restless Modern meets the standard of both a rock star and a romantic by weaving opposing elements (love & fear) through an ultimatum. For these reasons, “my insides” is my favorite off RM’s scary sky EP, but the entire project is worth your attention. Have a listen below!