Mutombo – [Since99] & [Kenny Beats]

By now, most should be familiar with Since99. The Michigan-born rapper who took the world by storm with a video that went viral due to his matter-of-fact delivery. Since the release of “Immaculate”, Since99 has been sharpening his skillset and dropping some of the most out-there sports references we’ve ever heard.  What really makes Since99 such an intriguing artist is you really don’t know what you’re going to get when you hit play. The names he drops always catch me off guard, mixed with a lyrical delivery that can’t really be compared to many else out right now. Some have even gone as far as to say he raps in Times New Roman, but let me tell you nobody can pull this off as well as Since99.

Last week, Since99 blessed us with a monster collaboration with Kenny Beats. The single “Mutombo” had been teased for quite a while, his fans had been eager for this one to hit the airwaves and its release did not disappoint. This one takes no time to get going, with mere seconds in between the song beginning and Since99’s lyrical onslaught. With his classic quick-witted lyrical content, Since99 uses a powerful sample provided by Kenny and takes it to a whole new level. Visuals were released alongside the single, with Since99 taking inspiration from Men In Black on a crazy trip through New York. Directed by B. Picasso, these are some of Since99’s best visuals to date. The pace of the video matches the fast-moving track, with some shots that stand out as much as his lyrics do.

After blowing up through a viral video, it can often be hard to build your way back up to those heights. It’s been a strong year for Since99, but we are still just seeing the artist he’s becoming. With a co-sign and collab with Kenny Beats already under his belt, we can expect a whole lot more from Since99 this year. Stay posted to his socials to see what he has cooking up for the rest of 2022!

Stream “Mutombo” on all platforms here and watch the video below!