Mmhmm – [DCG Bsavv] x [DCG Msavv] x [DCG Shun]

DCG Bsavv, DCG Msavv, and DCG Shun are without a doubt the hottest new rappers in Chicago, no doubt about it. They have been making waves lately, releasing straight up addicting music, and always compliment their songs with the most quality + entertaining visuals to match. While the guys were recently on a trip to Los Angeles, they managed to link up with notable names such as G Herbo, but they also were able to shoot this new music video for “Mmhmm” during that time span. The way that these three bounced off of each other on this track was refreshing, to say the least, they all complimented each other flawlessly + displayed what I would consider some friendly competition, pushing each other to go as hard as they could! This was an awesome release all around in my opinion, but see what you think by checking it out for yourself!