Middle of the Night – [Ronnie Rage]

Oftentimes when an artist is just starting out in their career, you can expect them to work on perfecting one aspect of their craft that can stick out to listeners early on, and the rest of their skills will fall into place as time progresses. For Ronnie Rage, however, he obviously doesn’t need time to perfect multiple different facets of his music because as experimental as he can get at times, it never seems like he even slightly struggles whatsoever, allowing his offerings to come as wonderful as they are natural.

This is abundantly obvious on his brand new project Middle of the Night, a 5 song and just under 15 minute EP that was much more interesting and experimental than some of the other music I’ve heard from the rising star, yet even with the risks he took on this effort, none of his attempts fall flat but rather give us a look at another side of not only his talents but who he is as a person as well. After giving this EP a listen front to back, my first impression was the fact that each song just meshed so well with one another, seamlessly transitioning from track to track in an incredibly fluent manner that can be often overshadowed early on in an artist’s career.

While the title of the project as well as some of the song names hint at Ronnie’s journey late at night when he’s stuck alone with thoughts that race through his mind, there is also this mysterious, almost enigmatic vibe that comes along with the EP in its entirety. Almost all of the records utilize ambient, outer space-adjacent synths that float off into the distance while other elements like piano keys, drums, and hats provide a bit more of a familiar Hip-Hop flair that brings these powerful synths back down to Earth. Even with some incredibly interesting production throughout, Ronnie makes sure to display all of his talents on each track, rotating through his variety of skills to give a sample of everything he has to offer, singing, rapping, and just being transparent about some of his more personal and inner thoughts, giving listeners a glimpse into his more private, introspective feelings which obviously is never an easy thing for anyone to do in general, so I give him all the props in the world for his courage and openness.

While part of me wants to compare this effort to the likes of a Kid Cudi project, the artists themselves are so different while the beats can sound slightly similar at times, so I don’t know if this comparison makes complete sense. Ronnie’s voice is as powerful as it is protective because considering his narratives are so close to his heart, you can tell that he shares these things with a sliver of reluctance, but this goes away as he gains momentum and control of his inner monologue throughout the EP.

Ronnie goes on to describe his musical process and the outcome he was hoping for with this project in a recent press release: “Middle of the Night is honestly an emotional journey. It’s raw, it’s introspective and vulnerable. But also, somewhat playful in parts. No pad, no pen… I made the beats and said exactly what I felt at the time. I think everyone will be able to relate especially after surviving this quarantine. Being forced into isolation will leave you no choice but to self-reflect.” I feel like this quote perfectly encompasses the feelings and emotions I experienced when listening to Middle of the Night, which tells me that I am beyond confident that Ronnie met or even exceeded the goal or outcome that he was aiming for when bringing this EP to life. Ronnie Rage might still be in the early stage of his career, but his stock price is rising exponentially quickly, so make sure you get in tune with his most recent effort Middle of the Night as soon as you possibly can.