Mezmerized – [Lazy Daze]

The blissful, surf rock style of Los Angeles based artist Lazy Daze is incredibly timely as we near the end of Summer. His new single, “Mezmerized,” embodies warm sun rays and an unbelievable infatuation. Brought to life by guitar-led production that is reinforced by live instrumentation, Lazy Daze creates a euphoric ballad that transports you into a dreamy headspace. His soft vocal performance further texturizes the brand of easy-going sonic construction amidst the indie alternative production that compliments his delivery. Despite this being Lazy Daze’s first single, the Cincinnati native singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist appears to be tapping into something special. My advice, keep tabs on Lazy Daze as it sounds like he is only getting started in creating a euphoric world through his music.

Listen to “Mezmerized” by Lazy Daze below.