At the risk of becoming a think-piece that the internet doesn’t want and most certainly doesn’t need, SXSW has become such a shit show, sometimes I wonder if anything good comes from it at all (aside from Instagram worthy flexes of course). This year, however, at the very least, we got a short but sweet cut from rising R&B crooner Kevin George out of it, so SXSW 2019 was officially a success.

Last night in Austin with a lot on his mind, while most were “networking,” Kevin George was writing, recording, producing and directing the visuals for “Memoirs Of A Lil Drunk Boy.”

Coming in just over two minutes, the effort is short but sweet. Atop some light keys and with those silky smooth vocals, the budding superstar reflects with all that comes with emerging as one of the game’s freshest faces as he rolls, (and apparently eats?) a blunt. Made in less than 24 hours — likely as just a spur of the moment loosie — “Memoirs Of A Lil Drunk Boy” has a ton of heart and feels like a complete effort; an impressive display of George’s immense talent.

That said, don’t sleep on Kevin George and his incredible new offering. Watch “Memoirs Of A Lil Drunk Boy” below!