From melodic vocal runs to anthemic songwriting, Danny Diamonds’ music is undeniable. Each and every new release possesses that intangible sense of replay value that simply can’t be imitated, and most notably, Diamonds has achieved this prowess without ever losing sight of his well-refined artistic identity. Today, the Boston representative is here to impress yet again with his brand new single, “Maverick.”

As noted by the title, “Maverick” is a celebration of sorts, rooting its pride in the fact that Diamonds has come a long way as both a musician and a human. Sure, along the path there have been countless obstacles and moments of self-doubt, but what matters is that Diamonds is still here, still making music, and doing it all as the star-bound, independent thinker that he truly is. No one can deny that the Boston talent has a knack for crafting earworms, and “Maverick” follows right in line, supplementing this catchiness with a truly motivational message for fans of any kind to resonate with.

That said, stream the new song below and keep an eye out for Diamonds’ forthcoming EP!

Produced by Level