Sam Morrison
Sam Morrison
19 Mar 2020

Here on the pages of Lyrical Lemonade, we pride ourselves on bringing some of the hottest music and promising talent to the forefront; This morning, I’m excited to do just that. If you haven’t heard of the Youtube Platform, Escape Tracks, its one of my go-to places to find new R&B circulating throughout the industry. EscapeTracks is the largest R&B brand with 1.8M followers and 100M+ monthly impressions across the board. From well-known artists all the way to emerging talent, Escape Tracks has a track record of featuring some really dope stuff collectively. 

For some time now, Escape Tracks has been uploading live performances to highlight some up and comers who are doing great things musically. It’s really important to note that all the live session episodes have reached the 100K+ view mark and 1M impressions have been made collectively. The live sessions have been a hit and today, they’re back with a brand new installment in honor of women’s history month. 

If you haven’t heard of Mikhala Jené, then today is your lucky day. I had never heard of the rising artist before I stumbled on this live seen, but I’m so happy that I did. The vocalist performed her song, “Lyin 2 My Friends” and its everything you’d hope a live session would be. She performed the 3-minute song with an acoustic guitar accompaniment which just adds to the raw tone and emotional ambiance that Mikhala creates with her vocals. This entire session was a triumph as it perfectly showcases why Mikhala is a heavy hitter who’s on the inevitable rise. What’s cool about this piece is that its the first performance by a woman which is going to set the tone for many women features to come on the Escape Tracks Live Session Series. 

I’m extremely hyped to discover more of these live sessions as time goes on. If you want to listen to this one, I’ve attached the youtube video down below. Give it a watch and let us know what you think!