Love in My Pocket – [Rich Brian]

When I first heard of Rich Brian, who obviously went by a different name at the start of his career, I was a fan but also didn’t anticipate much from him other than a few satirical songs and then a steady decline of fame. After learning more about him, its abundantly clear how smart of a person he is overall, and this intelligence bleeds into so many different aspects of his life, especially his music. He has aligned himself with some of the most interesting and unique artists in the industry, successfully experimented with a variety of different styles, and has even gotten into certain content aside from music like cooking and other types of entertainment. His skillset clearly runs deep, and I can’t help but marvel at his success, because he has turned what might’ve been a comedy Rap career into a sustainable, notable, and multifaceted career that is thanks to no one but himself.

It’s been a little bit of time since his previous release “BALI” featuring Guapdad 4000 came out, but he’s back in another experimental fashion with his brand-new offering called “Love in My Pocket”. On this track, a powerful baseline coupled with eye-popping synths catches your attention from the moment you press play. Eventually, drums and percussion come into the picture and create an up-tempo rhythm that just vibes out in an incredible manner. As these drums and percussive elements enter, Brian begins singing his lyrics in a way, unlike anything I’ve ever heard from him. There are some vocal effects on his voice that make it sound dazed and from another dimension, and these alterations also give off the impression that he has multiple layers of vocals that really bring a ton of body to the offering. In fact, right off the bat, the overall aesthetic of the beat combined with his voice makes this offering almost sound like an Indie Rock song rather than any sort of Hip-Hop.

Throughout the song’s duration, there are multiple beat breakdown and vocal changes that add many different segments and styles to the track. During these different portions, Brian changes his cadences along with the pitch of his voice, and the beat even rotates certain elements in and out that are present during certain parts and absent during others. When we get to the second verse, however, he ditches the singing and shows off his already understood and highly praised skills when it comes to Rapping. His flows are consistent and powerful as he spits his words rapidly and unbroken, bringing a nice change of pace to the song before going back to sing one more hook, eventually bringing the song to a close. It shouldn’t come as a major surprise considering the title of the record, but Brian seems to be in love, and he can’t help but express his feelings in this hit. He discusses how he doesn’t know how to approach these feelings for this girl, but he knows how strong their connection is and he just wants all of the bliss that comes along with this love without any of the complications or struggles.

This song just further emphasizes how truly talented Rich Brian is. It’s a style that is somewhat new to him, but his overall panache and swagger within every single portion make it seem like he has been creating this style of music for years. There’s also a slightly comical unofficial music video for this track where there’s a warning that because he wasn’t able to go on tour this year, he didn’t have the budget for any special effects. Instead, he just walks around a set with a green screen backdrop as he makes his way through the song and pretends as if the screen is making him look like he’s walking down a street or spinning around in some alternate setting. That’s another reason I’m a fan of Rich Brian’s because even with a song like this that might be a bit more serious or thoughtful, he still has fun with other aspects of its release without taking away from the overall message. “Love in My Pocket” is the perfect summertime song to just chill out and listen to in order to just relax and have a good time, so give it a listen and see for yourself.