Personally, I find soul to be the most prevalent element of a song when it comes to searching for longevity. The best songs are those with true personality and true soul to them, just as the most forgettable songs are those that keep things on a surface level without saying much else. In the case of DLG. and his new single, “Lil Mama,” this discussion of soul couldn’t be better applied.

Combining refreshing vocals with sincere guitar riffs and passionate, knocking percussion, “Lil Mama” is a song that roots its entire vision around the concept of soul. The bassline interacts with DLG.’s swinging vocal runs to bring forth a sense of candidness to the track, and as a result, “Lil Mama” finds its full identity in the form of fervent personality, unapologetically emotive and reflective as can be.

With that said, DLG.’s latest is undeniable. Something about this soulful new release keeps me coming back, and I’d imagine it will do the same for all of our readers out there. Don’t just take my word for it, though — stream “Lil Mama” below!