LazyEaterBetsOnHerLikeness – [Liv.e]

Liv.e is an artist who I had the pleasure of discovering earlier today when I randomly clicked on her music video for “LazyEaterBetsOnHerLikeness”, and within a couple minutes, I completely fell in love with her music. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the delightful production that was handled by Mejiwahn, before Liv.e’s angelic vocals left me with my jaw on the floor, completely stunned with her talent and style. Not only was this song completely soothing and ear-pleasing, the visuals were ON POINT, shout out to the video director Livingston Matthews for helping Liv.e create something unique and memorable. This was the best music video that I have watched all day, I highly suggest that you give it a few minutes of your time below, you just might find your new favorite artist.