Vulnerability as an artist is often what allows fans to connect to the music they listen to, and displaying this today is Lyrical Lemonade favorite Jackson, here to deliver his latest single by the name of “Lazy”. Backed by a simplistic yet deeply emotional guitar-based instrumental, this offering doesn’t need more than a few simple elements of music to bring forth its message. Jackson’s masterful control over the passion in his vocals as well as the way he intertwines himself within the instrumental is second to none, and as a result, “Lazy” is a perfect example of his talents, both on the sonic side of things as well as the lyrical side. We’ve been covering this budding artist for quite some time now, and to say that we have noticed some growth in his art is an understatement. Jackson is on his way to having a highly prosperous 2019, so keep an eye out for him and listen to his latest single at the link provided below!