LAY IT ALL ON ME-[Brevin Kim]

“LAY IT ALL ON ME” is the latest hard hitting single by well-known up and coming duo, Brevin Kim. These guys have been consistently dropping phenomenal music and it leaves you pondering whether or not they’ll ever slow down. As you listen to this offering though it is made apparent that the Massachusetts natives are only going to keep pushing this thing to the limit and I’m so inspired and excited to see what else they drop.

This 2 minute and 36 second offering is not only a treaty from a production sense, but it’s been really cool diving into the lyrical content and deciphering the meaning behind this one. According to their team, Brevin Kim’s newest song is a glimpse into the boys lives and relationships as they try to find confidence in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. Brevin Kim explained:

“We’ve both been there over and over,” the brothers explain. “It’s a familiar cycle so let’s just have the conversation. Lay it all on me. What did I do wrong now?”

As always, these guys continue to find ways to impress myself and the LL team, which is why we will continue to show them immense love when something drops! Make sure you check this one out down below and let us know what you think!