Jaxon Brown
Jaxon Brown
23 Mar 2020

As the hip-hop community continues to boost the profile of mogul Kenny Beats through his brilliant production talents, impressive collaborations, and hilarious YouTube episodes – he continues to find out-of-the-box talents to add further versatility to his show The Cave – in which he hosts artists from across the country for a live studio and freestyle session.

Marc Rebillet is an incredibly diverse talent hailing from Dallas, Texas. His profiles consider him a “comical electronic musician,” though with this new episode of The Cave I have a hard time believing there’s anything he can’t do. Marc, unlike other guests on the show, strolls into the set with hiked up khakis, a tucked-in sweater, and gelled back hair with penny loafers. It’s an immediate sign that this episode may not have in store what viewers are normally prepared for with The Cave. Marc and Kenny get to work after some miscellaneous conversation, hitting some animated organ and piano keys that give you a taste of what Marc’s got to offer.

Both Kenny and Marc have unique and undeniable skillsets, allowing for an episode quite unlike any other I’ve seen so far from Kenny. The switch-up comes with Marc’s beautiful musical skills not only behind the instrument, but behind the microphone as well. His untapped vocal range is magnificent, and flows organically with Kenny’s production that seems to gel with anyone he hosts.

The hilarious, yet unmistakably brilliant episode left me smiling and utterly impressed with Marc, his personality, and his expertise in all areas of music.

Watch KENNY BEATS & MARC REBILLET FREESTYLE | The Cave: Season 2 – Episode 11 below!