Just Wanna Rock – [Lil Uzi Vert]

One thing I’ve learned throughout the years is that Lil Uzi Vert doesn’t do anything small. He always figures out a way to one-up himself and others, making a spectacle out of even the smallest moments throughout his career, and he has been doing this for over a half-decade since he first entered this industry. I knew he was going to be a star from the moment Lyrical Lemonade brought him to Chicago for the first time back in April of 2016, and even though I had just started listening to a few of his songs literally weeks before that show, I was instantly intrigued and knew that he was going to be a star well beyond where he was at that moment in time.

Well, I don’t know if anyone could’ve predicted just how massive he would become, but now that he is one of the biggest staples in hip-hop, no one is ever going to overlook a new release from the Philadelphia phenom simply because you know there is absolutely no reason to. A few days ago, one of the homies had asked if I saw the Gibson Hazard-directed music video for his song “Just Wanna Rock”, and considering I had somehow not even heard the song in the first place, I had to let him down and say that I hadn’t.

He turned it on immediately, despite the fact that he was the DJ of the little party we were attending, and it had the entire place bumping. While the song itself is as infectious as it gets, the music video had my curiosity fully engulfed, not just piqued, and I have watched it numerous times ever since. Here, Uzi hits an underground club surrounded by individuals, but he lets his dance moves steal the show as he busts into a whole bunch of gyrations and steps that are guaranteed to be TikTok challenges for years to come.

He is the star of the show, per usual, but when he takes to the streets, hordes of people flock in his direction, prompting the cops to show up and keep an eye on the mob of fans. I honestly can’t tell if it’s real footage or a ton of extras thanks to such great production value, but regardless, it is unquestionably one of the best visuals I’ve seen all year, making it something that you need to watch immediately if you somehow haven’t already.