Just Keep Goin’ – [Tobi Lou]

Chicago native Tobi Lou is a perfect example of what pure devotion and consistency can do for an artist. I first remember hearing about Lou when he opened up for a show I went to back in 2016, and ever since, I’ve watched his undeniably genuine personality and captivating style reach increasingly higher heights, just as they’re bound to keep doing in the years to come. Even amidst all of this success, however, Lou’s work ethic never allows him to get complacent, leading us to the rising star’s latest visual release, “Just Keep Goin’.”

Quite honestly, few titles could better encapsulate the mindset of Lou over the past few years, especially from a fan’s standpoint. When seeing him live back in 2016, I knew Lou had it in him to do some great things, but even so, it’s astounding to see how far he’s come as both an artist and an individual. Take, for example, the song we have at hand here, in which Chicago’s own effortlessly controls his sound and flows to a point where you can’t help but fall in love with “Just Keep Goin’.” Clearly enough, Lou has found his sweet spot and learned how to run with it in every way possible, making him an easy pick for one of tomorrow’s soon-to-be stars.

My apologies for the tangent, but Tobi Lou is quite the lovable artist. Oh, and more on topic, this animated music video is unbelievable. The energy infused into “Just Keep Goin'” certainly causes high expectations from a complementary set of visuals, but per usual, Lou surpassed the mark. That said, knowing Lou, this offering probably won’t be the last we hear of him for very long, but nevertheless, be sure to throw this one on repeat as we approach the months to come. “Just Keep Goin'” is the one!

Animated by Ronald Grandpey