Just Blick It (Remix) – [Cash Cobain] [Chow Lee] [Bizzy Banks]

Cover Photo by @drewdepictions

Yesterday was a momentous day in the worlds of Cash Cobain and Chow Lee. We’re officially a month out from the end of a massive year for the two collaborators, and acting as the cherry on top to the lasting momentum of their joint project 2 Slizzy 2 Sexy, the tape was honored in the New York Times “Best of Albums of 2022.” While the fervent street-level impact of 2 Slizzy 2 Sexy – inspiring a daily supply of ass-shaking videos reposted on Cash Cobain’s Instagram story – is worth endlessly more than the praise of a publication, the NYT cosign adds an official stamp to the historic run that Cash and Chow went on this year. As Will Foster puts it, “when people remember this era in the future, you gotta mention [Cash and Chow].”

Right on time with the look, Cash and Chow blessed us yesterday with a remix of standout track “Just Blick It” alongside Brooklyn artist Bizzy Banks. The club-tinted kicks and signature, X-rated one-liners translate perfectly into a lively, make-your-feet-move visual, and Banks’ effortless cool ties this one together as a the confetti-popping moment to tie off a championship season. Peep the “Just Blick It” remix featuring Bizzy Banks below, and if you have an extra minute, check out the sex synonyms three-pack that Chow Lee dropped last week here.

Cash Cobain and Chow Lee have a hell of a future ahead, but 2022 will forever be the year that they made history with 2 Slizzy 2 Sexy — just ask the New York Times.

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