Joyfriend drops five new songs!

Joyfriend is an alternative artist from the northwest suburbs of Chicago who I have become a massive fan of over the past five or six months. I first got familiar with Joyfriend through my older brother Eric, who suggested that I listened to his Dog Fight EP, and I enjoyed it so much that it even ended up landing a spot on our Top 50 Chicago projects year-end list. Since that point, I have had that project on repeat whether I am sitting at my desk here at the LL office or driving around the city, its replay value has only grown for me. Late last night, Joyfriend decided to bless us with two new EP’s, totaling five songs between the two. I have only run through the EPs a couple of times apiece, so I obviously have a lot more sitting to do with this music, but an instant standout to me has been the title track “The Princess Of December”. I have a good feeling about Joyfriend, I picture him continuing to grow as an artist and become one of the leaders in Chicago’s DIY/indie scene within the next year or two. Stream these amazing new records via Spotify below!