Earthgang’s Mirrorland has taken over since it’s release last Friday (for good reason); it’s stellar. Mirrorland deserves all the praise and attention it’s getting.

While Earthgang is fresh and heavy in your rotation, though, take it back just a little farther and throw “Jollof Rice” some much-needed love.

The collaboration between Bas and Earthgang –which appeared on Bas’ Spilled Milk 1– is one of my favorite Dreamville releases of the year, and considering the amount of music they’ve been making, that’s saying something. Bas and Earthgang (spearheaded by Decatur Dot on this one) work really well together, with Bas’ understated approach (and his knack for a killer hook) grounding the track, balancing Dot’s buzzing, unique energy. The icing on the cake? The set of rich, colorful visuals that, following suit of the title, take inspiration from Bas’ West African roots.

In all the buzz around Dreamville this year, ti’s great to see a song as good as “Jollof Rice” get it’s much-needed attention with a video to put a bow on things.