Rather than share something new, it felt more appropriate, today, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of one of the best, most important albums in hip-hop history. Kanye West’s College Dropout.

My favorite album of all time and one that made me fall in love with hip-hop February 10th is always a day I celebrate College Dropout, with endless replays of the immaculate album. As fresh as the day it was released I’m always finding new things I love and getting goosebumps from the things I already love.  One of the most powerful cuts on the album (and the first Kanye song I ever heard) remains Jesus Walk. The anthemic chanting, the unforgettable hook and Kanye’s powerful bars all combine for a spiritual experience, making it the perfect song for the College Dropout edition of the Sunday Service series he’s been putting on since the January.

The spiritual, awe-inspiring energy of the track is brought to new heights, allowing us to experience the classic cut in a whole new way thanks to the live band (with multiple drummers) and the incredible choir. It’s hard to recreate the magic of a track especially after 15 years, but thanks to the Sunday Service, we get a reminder of how special “Jesus Walks” and The College Dropout are.