Jake Strain Drop Hints “Wanna Be Rappers”

Jake Strain stays true to his penmanship with subliminal hidden messages with his new track before 2023 comes with “Wanna Be Rappers”.

Throughout the song, Jake explains that there’s a deeper message within his music dropping hints and knowledge that most of these artists don’t really belong in the industry. Breaking the industry independently, by cracking the code of how to get on as an independent artist, it’s a lot more than just smoke and mirrors.

“Fund the label, and I got it started, I’m the one that goes the hardest galaxy and they shit is stardust they don’t the market managing and I A&R it, drop a track and I go and chart it all these rappers but they ain’t an artist, all I know is that their shit is garbage all these actors but became a target.” 

Take some time to check out his latest single below.