ITACHI – [whiterosemoxie] ft. [midwxst]

Ever since I was put onto whiterosemoxie’s unbelievable music a few months back, I’ve been pretty much as addicted as it gets. He’s just one of the most diverse, complex, and versatile artists in the entire music industry, and while he’s continuously making moves in the scene, he never fails to surprise me. That’s why, when I saw that he teamed up with one of my all-time favorite up-and-coming artists midwxst, I had to share it with as many people as I could. The song is called “ITACHI”, and even though I’m not personally familiar with this word or the reference it may be making, I was blown away by how great of a song it is, so I had no choice but to write about it.

I believe this song is produced by Kribbs who utilizes some epic, momentous synths that make you feel like you’re entering the Thunderdome for an all-out brawl that you’re going to come out of victorious, and even though this might be a strange description, once you take a listen, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Before these animated synths come in, though, moxie takes some time to use various vocal layers that are all pitched-up and down to give a sort of electronic, robotic feel to the record that serves as an unbelievable introduction.

When the bulk of the song comes in, moxie reverts to a much more singular, individualistic delivery that is still full of harmonious elements that complement the lively instrumental nicely, and he continues on an all-out rampage for his entire portion of the song, leading us seamlessly into midwxst’s verse. When he does come in, his autotuned vocals are also accentuated in such a way that he sounds somewhat robotic in all the best possible ways, and he just glides throughout his portion of the track effortlessly, as always.

After hearing that this track was upon us without having any idea it was coming, I was ecstatic about the collaboration and couldn’t wait to see what they had in store. After listening, though, I was truly blown away on all fronts, from the production to the verses to just the overall chemistry that these two artists seem to share with one another. I have no clue what this release means for moxie, if it’s going to lead to a bigger, more cohesive project or if it’s just a random single, but either way, it’s a song that’s getting added to my playlist immediately once I’m done with this article. With that being said, “ITACHI” is the must-listen song you need to put on your radar immediately, and after listening, you’ll see exactly why.