ITACHI – [whiterosemoxie] ft. [midwxst]

If the names whiterosemoxie or midwxst sound familiar, it’s because I literally just wrote about them yesterday. When their song “ITACHI” dropped, the homie sent it my way and after listening I was blown away. Since then, I have probably listened to it over 10 times throughout the day and this morning, so when I heard that they were keeping the fun going with a music video, I couldn’t help myself and I had to write it up. To make things even better, the two superstars teamed up with HIVEMIND which is one of my favorite up-and-coming video production teams so I knew they were going to knock this one out of the park and make it a music video that I’ll be revisiting for years to come.

Let’s just say, after tuning in and watching, I wasn’t let down even slightly. When things open up, the camera pans in on moxie who is standing in what appears to be an abandoned church. As the camera gets closer, animated arrows glide in moxie’s direction, ultimately fizzling out before they reach the rapper as more cartoon birds seem to carry him out of the situation. After this, we’re taken outside as an incredible effect makes the ground and all the individuals on the ground look as if they’re in a negative, black and white filter while the skies look red and black as if some sort of apocalypse is in their midst.

From there, we’re taken to tons of other abandoned or uninhibited areas where the two rappers do their thing while tons of other edits and animations take things to another world in the most remarkably inventive ways. When midwxst comes in, the editing is taken to another level to make him appear as if he’s standing sideways on a tree, multiple clones are running around in his rearview, and various other creative ideas that bring this thing to another dimension in all. The best possible ways.

I had high hopes for this power trio when I heard the visual was announced, and my expectations were blown out of the water. While I’m already a big fan of the weekly videos that Riley and Graydon post on YouTube, HIVEMIND’s music videos are definitely vastly underrated in my opinion. So, when they team up with two up-and-coming phenoms like moxie and midwxst, magic is bound to be made. I couldn’t speak any more highly of this song and music video one-two punch if I tried, which makes the visual for “ITACHI” on that you need to watch as soon as possible. With that being said, make sure you stop whatever you’re doing and peep the brand-new music video below immediately, you certainly won’t regret it.