Insomnia – [Juno] x [AViT]

Standing adjacent to the washed out and tired trends that the apex of pop music showcases is its less-prominent, yet ever-rising counterpart — a scene made up of artists that find solace in embracing the truest and most genuine aspects of pop rather than its “popularity-based” facets. This is a group of musicians who find solace in embracing the most abrasive, wholesome, and absolutely genuine aspects of what makes this genre click, all from their own unique cast of singular inspirations. 

Two acts that have debuted within this scene just recently and have since seen their stocks rise at such exponentially-drastic levels – all based on their remarkable talents alone – are Juno and AViT, both laying claim to a rapid rise in success after their respective pop stylistics did all the work for them. These two are exceptional examples of the ways in which this scene clicks from an artist-to-artist based perspective; they are simply two admirers of the history of pop music – whether mainstream or otherwise – and have taken those inspirations and ease-of-access to them in their own hands to create music that is wholly future-peering in essence. 

The two just capped off their life-changing 2020 runs with a collaborative effort in “Insomnia” — easily among the two’s best offerings thus far among each of their respective discographies. Though brief in its runtime, this blissful offering is something of a statement piece that exemplifies all that these two represent within their burgeoning crop of talents that are working to define the future day in and day out. 

The two flaunt their artistic presence over an incredibly well-executed beat by Hallow, who does just as they did the last time they and Juno linked up for a track on the previously-featured “Karma.” Both of these beats are emphatically-delivered and entirely-involved, although this time around, the solemn piano tones heard on the latter track have been replaced by striking pop punk-inspired guitar riffs that work to match this song in particular’s thematic and tonal approach. 

Juno and AViT each do all they can to exemplify what makes them both unique as artists over the same instrumental here, and in keeping those same tones and themes alike true throughout, they do so with all the grace in the world. Whereas Juno’s down to earth and sentimental tone of voice graces the ever-infectious chorus on this track, AViT’s typically bursting and eloquently-squelched leads enter at the best moment imaginable within the track, proving the two’s already-unmistakable chemistry between each other. 

But what these accomplish more than anything else at the same time is the simple art of conveying what this scene stands for from every single aspect possible. Whether it’s through how the two’s presence on the vocals ideally match the equally nostalgic and modern instrumental tones, right down to the personalized and sentiment-driven lyrics themselves, this track is a masterclass of modern pop and certainly an outstanding sign of things to come leading into 2021.