Danny Adams
Danny Adams
30 Jun 2020

On certain days such as today when there aren’t too many brand-new releases coming out, I like to challenge myself to find new artists whom I’ve never even heard of previously and seek out a new offering that I’m actually a big fan of. I’ve done this for years because I always love discovering promising artists and expanding my knowledge of hopeful talents, so when I come across someone like 4kMicheal, I have no choice but to listen up. Although I was previously unaware of his work, after skimming through his debut project Forgive Me, I Am Alive which came out late last year, I knew I had to pay attention to his latest music video for one of the mixtape’s stand out songs “Industry Girl”.

As the song starts out, the instrumental slowly but sure builds full of elements that are unique to a Rap song but combine flawlessly to pave the way for 4k to do his thing. Some of the components of the production include things like filtered percussion and bubbly, lighthearted synths before the beat drops, and extremely punchy, thunderous bass drums come into the frame, adding a bit of hastiness to the otherwise peaceful offering. As Micheal begins to recite his lyrics, there is a slightly condescending tone as if he’s repeating his thoughts for the hundredth time to a girl he’s talking to. Beyond this slightly snooty disposition, there is an abundance of energy and enthusiasm in his voice, showing off just how much of a character he seems to be when it comes to his music. In between his lines, he consistently repeats the word “Yeah”, as if to add even more reinforcement to the messages he’s trying to get across to the person he’s talking to. 4k’s delivery is beyond unique and unlike anything I’ve heard before, from what I can remember at least, and this adds even more originality to a song that already sounded uncharacteristic from the moment you pressed play.

Some of his background vocals seem to echo and combine with certain elements within the beat that bring out a feeling of chaos or hecticness, possibly to represent some of the scatterbrained thoughts he has when it comes to the women he’s discussing in the song, but that’s just speculation on my behalf. Some of the themes I picked up with regards to his lyrics include the idea that he seems to not trust women because he believes they play with his emotions, but he keeps giving them his heart because for some reason he enjoys some of the agonies he deals with during the unfolding of these relationships. This track almost comes off as if 4k’s talking himself through his emotions, knowing that he might want more in terms of his relationships but his trust issues and constant grind to further his music career are holding him back from truly opening up and giving his relationships a real chance for success.

More than anything, the thing that drew me into this music video was actually the thought and effort that went into it. A lot of young up and comers starting out don’t have the sort of keen attention to detail that Micheal seems to have and they just put out quick music videos that don’t really add anything to the song. This visual, however, is extremely clean, well shot, and even more well thought out in a way that even some industry legends don’t succeed with. Starting out, 4k is sitting there watching a lovely lady dance on a pole as he gears up to recite his lyrics. A reoccurring theme of flowers blossoming can be seen, possibly as a way to portray his relationships unraveling and having the possibility to turn into something beautiful. Of course, I’m not sure if this is the case, but the ambiguity leaves room for theories and opinions, which you don’t normally get to debate in Rap videos. The scenes in this movie cut back and forth pretty quickly and take us to so many different settings that it’s hard to mention each and every one, but there are a few different reoccurring girls throughout that he seems to be into and appreciate for various different reasons. The colors are also notably vibrant and stood out to me from the moment I pressed play, and the different camera angles along with various diverse perspectives that are shared throughout are all just so appealing in my opinion.

I can’t wait to do a further dive into 4kMicheal’s music and other visuals because after just this one song, it’s extremely evident that he cares about his craft and wants to go above and beyond to do everything he can to make a name for himself. It might just be me, and it doesn’t have a lot to do with the overall style of music, but I’m getting some Baby Keem vibes from 4k, and considering Keem is one of my absolute favorite artists out right now, I hope people understand how much of a compliment that is. Keem puts so much effort into his music and wants his visuals to go even more above and beyond in order to express certain messages, so that’s the vibe I’m getting from 4k and I can’t wait to explore more of his offerings. All I know is, if he keeps making both music and music videos of this caliber, he’s going to do numbers in the industry sooner than later. Although it’s tough to capture everything that this visual has to offer in writing without making it a full-on thesis, it’s one of those things you have to see to understand. My introduction to 4kMicheal was his brand-new music video for his song “Industry Girl”, and it completely blew me away. Don’t just take my word for it, though, and make sure you check it out as soon as you possibly can.