In Summation – [Restless Modern]

“I wanted to create something that evolves from being dark and atmospheric into having a huge high-energy alternative moment at the end of the record. This is the closing track on the EP, so the structure serves both the individual song and the larger body of work thematically. As the name implies, “in summation” acts as a holistic overview that brings together everything discussed in the project and adds an important perspective to it.  Nick Anthony played guitar for me in the final section and helped out with some of the production as well” Restless Modern

Personal favorite Restless Modern returns to Lyrical Lemonade with arguably his best song yet titled “In Summation.” The track is the first single off his highly-anticipated Scary Sky EP, which serves as a short, yet excellent preview of what to expect. With a somber, yet peaceful piano opener, Modern’s high-pitched vocals set the tone before the eclectic production kicks in. Each and every note is sung with a quality of eloquence and emphasis, which gives the listener an immediate impression of the song’s conceptual gravity. Afraid of what’s ahead of him, such uncertainty mirrors the unpredictability of the composition; notably an epic electric-guitar sendoff to close the record. “In Summation” is a masterful track, in my opinion, because it encompasses a multitude of emotion. Modern achieves this via vocal temperance, aka an understanding of when to alternate overall intensity of musical expression. Once more abiding by a genre-less code, this offering should build plenty of excitement leading up to his next project. Listen to “In Summation” below!