ICARUS – [Leon Zhang]

Icarus is the Greek mythological story of the one who flew too close to the sun. A cautionary tale about chasing highs and moderation— dream big, but don’t lose everything in the process. At one point I had nothing, truly. But I’ve come to learn that when God takes away all the things that once constructed our little, fragile egos, it’s time to re-calibrate your intentions and learn gratitude. Today, I view my suffering as a fu****g blessing— even more so because it’s created art that’s managed to connect with so many people” – Leon Zhang

Auckland, New Zealand artist Leon Zhang makes his well-deserved Lyrical Lemonade debut with a fantastic song titled “ICARUS.” Zhang is a part of Stirfryboyz; an LA based collective with plenty of intriguing variety to their artistry. Individually, Zhang has just released one track total, making “ICARUS” a special release for several reasons. Off his upcoming album FRASER, the record contains a fascinating mixture of love lyrics coupled with shades of expressive vulnerability from past mistakes. Sonically the instrumentation and production couldn’t be any better, as the melody can be described as somber-fully mellow contrasted by a lively guitarist touch. Vocally Leon comes across as poised in the most mature sense to create an atmospheric sound quality indicative of balanced pacing. “ICARUS” is the first offering that I heard from Zhang, so if his next releases are anything similar (or better) I have a feeling he won’t be off my radar anytime soon. Peep “ICARUS” below!