Huh – [Yung Honcho]

Knoxville, Tennessee rapper Yung Honcho made it further than any other rapper in his city had in 2019, eclipsing a million views, collaborating with major artists, and even earning co-signs from industry titans of the likes of Meek Mill and beyond but unfortunately Honcho was locked up on federal charges for the better half of 2020 and is slowly but surely gaining back the momentum that was stripped from him by the government, but what they couldn’t take was Honcho’s incredible singing voice and gentle melodic flows that communicate immense pain and his responses to the pressure of being the most major figure in his area (until Hardaway1k comes home as well) that weigh on him greatly and are difficult enough to deal with without an envious city that would love to see you fail. Honcho recently released a triumphant yet melancholic new track titled “Huh” where he skates over the L3no Loaded beat, coming with a more menacing flow than usual but still his melodic voice shines through the ad-libs and ins-and-outs.

Honcho’s city is seldom recognized by many for anything other than being the home to the University of Tennessee but the reality of Knoxville is starkly different than the tranquil college-town picture that the media will paint of it and just this week Honcho’s alma mater Austin East High School suffered a nationally-covered atrocity where a police officer murdered a 17-year-old student named Anthony Thompson, Jr. who is also Honcho’s close-friend, in cold-blood in the school’s bathroom, only to be dismissed by the local district attorney as a justified shooting despite the fact he was unarmed. Hopefully we will not stop hearing about this situation for a long time and recently renowed attorney Benjamin Crump who also represented the family of George Floyd is now representing the family in the fight for justice in this matter that unfortunately will never be able to right the wrong that was done. Yung Honcho is the voice of Knoxville and the pain he communicates in his music is tremendous and hopefully he is able to continue the consistency that he has begun to replicate again now that he is free. Keep an eye out for his next mixtape Black Heart Honcho 2 coming in the next few weeks.