Seamus Fay
Seamus Fay
14 Sep 2019

Especially in the realm of R&B, London is a clear hotbed of talent right now. Seemingly every time I look for new music from the area, I stumble upon another gem of an artist, just as I’ve done today with CARLA and her song “Hourglass.”

Produced by frequent collaborator Meslo, “Hourglass” may be an older release, but my excuse to write about this one is the fact that it was just recently brought to streaming services. Combining a slowed, jazzy supply of production with jumpy percussion that seemingly offsets the song’s relaxing mood, “Hourglass” contemplates time, flipping back and forth in debate of whether or not to wait for a love interest with each successive lyric.

In such a manner, the song doesn’t quite feel as though CARLA is speaking to an audience of listeners. Rather, she voices her candid, innermost thoughts to anyone paying attention, allowing for somewhat of an eye-to-eye listening experience that only takes “Hourglass” to the next level. Match this with the London talent’s heart-soaked vocals and Meslo’s mesmeric production, and you’ve got one hell of a song that I simply can’t stop listening to.

Check this one out for yourself and stream “Hourglass” below!