Honest – [She Loves Boon] ft. [Belis]

Every single day, it seems like artists are pushing the boundaries that the music industry had previously set in place, causing the formation of brand-new genres and innovative sounds that get more interesting and appealing than before. While New York City’s very own She Loves Boon is an artist who was just put on my radar, he was someone I needed to know more about in order to truly give him the respect he deserves.

Ever since entering the music scene years ago, he has blended the genres of hyperpop, R&B, hip-hop, indie music, and various other genres in order to create his own sound which he calls “emotional trap”, and this creates some of the most unbelievable music that you’ll hear all week. Most recently, Boon teamed up with Belis for yet another single entitled “Honest”, and while the influences of hyperpop and rap are abundant, it’s obvious once again that he’s in a lane of his own and no one else is coming even close to touching him.

In this record, the instrumental begins with some electronic, technological-sounding synths that are combined with a smooth 808s base and additional robotic sounds that give a new spin on an R&B style that is familiar to most, but this clash of multiple genres is truly the most captivating part. When Belis comes in to sing, her vocals are definitely altered with copious amounts of effects and autotune, but even with so many alterations, there is this purity that shines through first and foremost.

Her voice is just so buoyant and breezy, floating along over the beat effortlessly, and despite the effects utilized, the talent that she possesses is the most obvious part of her contribution to this record. I even love how her words intentionally hesitate or stutter, adding in this additional element of connectivity between her vocals and the production. “Honest” might be put into a category of its own, but that should give you all the more reason to want to check it out and listen in for yourself, so be sure to tune in as soon as possible so you don’t miss out any longer.