Hit the Gas Pt. 2 (Beatbox Freestyle) – [‘LGado]

‘LGado has become a bit of a staple in the Chicago music scene over the past few years, and somehow he’s a relatively new name to me personally. I was first put onto him during the latter half of last year when I was given the task of covering his project Killa Season for our Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2020 list, and I’m beyond grateful that I was given this responsibility because it opened my eyes to another insanely talented artist from my favorite city in the world.

In order to follow up a big year like 2020, ‘LGado decided to drop off his first single of the new year called “Hit the Gas Pt. 2 (Beatbox Freestyle)”, and the results are absolutely awesome. Although I’m not entirely sure who produced this hit, they did an amazing job with the utilization of beyond pungent, mischievous 808s, an intense piano melody, and some calmed, spread out percussion that all comes together for a fairly relaxed, unhurried instrumental that ‘LGado absolutely rips to shreds.

He’s sort of like the Yin to the beat’s Yang, because while the production is fairly light and forgiving, ‘LGado is anything but, using his deep voice to spew themes of violence and ruthlessness, two things he’s all too familiar with after his upbringing in this remorseless city. Although certain parts might be more aggressive, he takes a moment to step back, laugh, and enjoy the moment in other portions, flexing his wealth that he has worked so hard for while also continuously boasting some inventive, captivating flows. In fact, although it says that this song is a freestyle, the emcee would have you thinking otherwise because he never even slightly hesitates or reaches for words, remaining on the beat and buttery smooth throughout.

As for the Triptych Visuals-produced, Lawrence Mahone-directed visual, the camera opens on a chair with an orange backdrop as the artist walks into the frame and takes a seat, lighting up a blunt. After this, we’re transported to a much more Rap-reminiscent scene where ‘LGado joins his large group of friends in a dingy warehouse of sorts that’s filled with smoke as they all dance, vibe out to the song, and show off their stacks of cash and luxury goods. Although there aren’t too many differentiating scenes, ‘LGado and his crew show off some dance moves that seem to almost be choreographed, displaying another side of the rapper that I was previously unaware of but definitely tip my cap to.

While this song has been out for only a few days, ‘LGado’s always loyal fanbase seems to be eating it up like crazy, as they should. If you head to his Twitter and scroll, there are nonstop tweets and retweets showing the new song so much love, and I’m beyond happy for the Chicagoan because he’s been tirelessly grinding, so I think this year is going to be one of his biggest yet. I have no idea what we can expect from ‘LGado moving forward, but considering he got 2021 started off on such a high note with only one record, I can only imagine that he’s going up from here. Whether you’ve been a fan since day one or you’re just getting in tune, you’re definitely not going to want to miss out on ‘LGado’s latest release “Hit the Gas Pt. 2 (Beatbox Freestyle)”.