Melo Makes Music is a Chicago native who we have been fans of here at Lyrical Lemonade for some years now, and late last night he unleashed an awesome new record titled “High Vibrations” and it’s the best thing I have heard so far today. I have enjoyed countless songs from Melo Makes Music in the past but this is 100% his best offering to date in my opinion, and I believe that a good chunk of his fan base would agree with me. This is seriously one of the best instrumentals I have heard this far into 2019, so shout out to Martin $ky & IKON for blessing Melo with the beat to make this possible. The good thing for us fans is that more music from Melo & super producer Martin $ky is on the way, as their ODYSSEY FUN WORLD EP is set to drop at some point in the near future. I am very excited to see where Melo takes it from here, but until we reach that point press play below.