Happy Birthday IV – [Whyandotte]

Versatility is at the forefront of Detroit, Michigan native Whyandotte’s sound. Following in the footsteps of his previously released Happy Birthday III comes the rapper’s continuation eloquently titled, Happy Birthday IV. Adopting a more aggressive cadence, and approach, Whyandotte’s new album bolsters his lethality as a lyricist while remaining incredibly malleable in his ability to tailor his flows to a variety of production. His seamless transition in doing so positions him to address a variety of subjects such as redemption, loss, and self-confidence. 

Whyandotte begins his album with pace, diving directly into the lo-fi production of “Livernois,” as he addresses political and social irregularities in being a citizen of the U.S. as well as a rapper. The fire-stirring inside of Whyandotte is carried over into the more lengthy “A Lesson In Crying Wolf.” The album’s second track is a lyrical exhibition, creating a seismic crescendo before the album’s reeled-in mentality of “Second Chance.” The redemption themed track finds Whyandotte retooling his ability to create a somber performance of hopefulness.

The proceeding records on the album, sway in-and-out of flows and styles, much like the saddening story of loss on “Jean,” the melancholic questioning of “The Sand Reckoner,” or the triumphant energy exuded by “Three Feet From Gold.” The project, in its entirety, is a clear and present culmination of Whyandotte’s growth and personality. Some albums and songs only project a catchy chorus or hook, but Happy Birthday IV characterizes a man and his skill by creating a bond that runs deeper than catchy melodies. Get to know Whyandotte, because his modus operandi is clearly about creating a space that exemplifies quality music, engaging storytelling, and unequivocal transparency. 

Listen to Happy Birthday IV by Whyandotte below.